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The category description can be positioned here at the top of the page or at the bottom below the products, or it can be disabled entirely, including the category image on the left which comes with custom image dimensions, including fit or fill (crop) options for system images such as products, categories, banners, sliders, etc. 

Advanced Product Filter module included. This is the most comprehensive set of filtering tools rivaling the top paid extensions. It supports Opencart filters, price, availability, category, brands, options, attributes, tags.

Ajax Infinite Scroll with Load More / Load Previous and browser back button support. Load products in category pages as you scroll down or by clicking the Load More button, or disable this feature entirely and display the default pagination.

Model: Foxtail Millet (Kaun Rice) 500 gm.
Foxtail Millet (Kaun Rice) 500 gm...
Ex Tax:55৳
Model: Jaifal
Jaifal piece 12 tk..
Ex Tax:12৳
Brand: Square Bangladesh Model: Meril Baby Shampoo 110 ml 95 tk
Meril Baby Shampoo 110 ml 95 tk..
Ex Tax:95৳
Model: Nestle Nescafe Gold Jar 200 gm
Nestle Nescafe Gold Jar 200 gm..
Ex Tax:895৳
Brand: Pran Bangladesh Model: PRAN Garlic Pickle 300 gm 185 tk
PRAN Garlic Pickle  300 gm ..
Ex Tax:185৳
Model: PRAN Sour Curd 100 ml
PRAN Sour Curd 100 ml ..
Ex Tax:22৳
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